Funky Retro Animal Ceramic Pots for Succulents

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These chic bright colored animal pots are made of Ceramic, and have Minimalist styled details.  The feet of the animal on the pot even serve as a place to hold your smart phone!  These boho chic pots bring retro and earthy to meeting bright and modern.

These minimalist small Ceramic pots are great for the plant enthusiast.  They have around a 2" diameter, and would be perfect for succulents!  They are all in bright tones, and have a happy resonance around them.   Enjoy them in your office or home office, and anywhere you want to add a little earthy element in your life!





The "Deets":
Finishing: Glazed
Style: Minimalist, Bohemian, Meditative
Used With: Flowers, Little Plants, or for Decoration.
Type: Nursery Pots
Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Type: Pottery- Handmade.