Superior Travel Size Watercolor Paint Sets

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Are you an artist, or someone who likes to document their travels through interesting ways?  These watercolor paint sets are great to use at home, or while traveling.  They come in an array of color options, as well as, different amount of colors available in each set.  You can use the watercolor paints on paper, Bristol board, and even on canvas. 

How can one use watercolor paints on canvas?  Well, this art set has been tested by us here at The Maverick Life, and we found that because of the high quality of pigmentation for each color, you just use more color and less water!  We've attached a photo of a painting we did on canvas to show the pigmentation of the colors.

Each set also comes with  a refillable water paint pen, an attached drying sponge, and a mixing palette.





The "Deets":
Packaging: Varying Color Set, & Sizes.
Age: 6+ years old.
Capacity: 20ml
Type: Water Color Paints
Painting Medium: Paper & Some Canvas