Natural Amazonite Gemstone Teardrop Earrings

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Beautiful semi-precious Amazonite natural gemstone in a teardrop setting inlaid in a bronze pave setting.  The Amazonite is known for it's calming properties.  Wear it close to you during times of uneasiness. 


How to use Amazonite:
  1. Wear amazonite earrings and necklaces to keep the Amazonite gemstones near the head and throat.
  2. Carry an amazonite worry stone in a pocket when going out of the house. Hold the stone for calm, soothing energy during especially stressful times.


The "Deets":
Metals Type: Bronze
Shape: Water Drop
Material: Semi-precious Stone
Gender: Women/ Girls
Earring Style: Drop Earrings, Teardrop, Ethnic, Boho-Chic,  Jewelry Earrings