Natural Amethyst Stud Earrings

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A stunning crystal earring set made of raw, all-natural, semi-precious Amethyst gemstones.  These gorgeous purple Amethyst earrings have such an earthy & natural feel to them with the raw cut that they have.  These semi-precious stones give you a hint of color, healing, and in the stud setting; very chic.


What healing properties does Amethyst have?

Crystal healing experts promote amethyst as a stone of peace and calm. They recommend using the stone for meditation to combat nervous energy and anxious thoughts. Its unique vibration centers and balances the emotions and thoughts. It eases fear, promoting hope and joy.



The "Deets":
Earring Type: Studs
Materials: Natural Amethyst Raw Stone
Style: Bohemian, Minimalist, Indie Folk, Simple Chic
Metal: Stainless Steel, Gold or Silver Plated


** Please note, that due to the Amethyst stone being real, and not lab-created, no two sets will look identical, and color may vary from pictures. **