Vintage Henri Matisse Flower Oil Painting Canvas Print

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The beauty of abstract paintings is that it gives the viewer the freedom to interpret the art piece as they choose. 

Here at The Maverick Life, we find it important to embrace modern and historic paintings, as they represent not only different eras of time, but also the change that has occurred over the years.  Add some beautiful timeless art prints to your space to help create your dream room. 

There are many ways to style a room with a high quality canvas print(s), such as: choosing unique frames to make an art wall with different prints, shapes, and sizes.  This is a great way to help bring in more color into your chosen space. 



What is the style of Post Impressionism?
Post-Impressionists both extended Impressionism while rejecting its limitations: the artists continued using vivid colors, a thick application of paint and real-life subject matter, but were more inclined to emphasize geometric forms, distort forms for an expressive effect and use unnatural and seemingly random colors.


The "Deets":
Type: Canvas Printings
Form: Single Famous Painting
Support Base: Canvas Print
Medium: Oil
Subjects: Flower
Frame mode: Unframed
Style: Abstract, Post-Impressionism
Original: No, Print
Shape: Square


    • PLEASE NOTE: Copyright licensed image with high resolution definition.  Due to different brand of monitors, the actual canvas wall art colors may slightly be different from the product image, if have any problem please contact us.