Solid Wood Portable Magnetic Chess Game

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Chess and Checkers are a classic game.  They are games known all over the world.  This game is suitable for children all the way through up to adults.  This is a game you can teach your kids, your friends, or play on your travels.  It's a great game to bring on your vacations, as it's known all over the world; you can meet a lot of people this way! This chess board is solid wood, portable, and has magnetic pieces. There are 3 different variants in sizes of boards, so pick a board that meets the sizing qualifications you need.


* Please note that we ship Internationally, so the sizes are put in Metric. *




The "Deets":
Age: >4 Years
Material: With Magnetic Pieces
Type: Checkers & Chess
Chessboard Size: 29*29/34*34/39*39CM
Chessboard & Pieces material: Wooden
Chessboard Characteristic: Magnetic